Thursday, September 27, 2007

Are you anybodys favorite person?

Every once in a while i am caught offguard by an idea or the execution of an idea that has the potential to be something astounding. One example of this is, "Are you anybodys favorite person?" a question posed by mememolly as video commentary on youtube, the week of sept 16th 2007.

This video prompted me to think back to my interactions with others over the years and of the many opportunities i had to let those around me know how and why they were so important. It also prompted a sense of sadness for the fact that i have fewer opportunities now than i did then to interact with others and share those beliefs. Not necessarily because they are less deserving now than they were then of friendship and empathatic encouragements - then because i am now so far out of reach.

I can say with success that 3 years ago, others did know that they were my favorites.
Today i think they might not have any lingering awareness that i care though, when opportnity allows, i still try to step forward and assure tham that their friendships are still valued. Without the day to day interactions, the regularly scheduled opportunities to share in each others day to day lives - the sense of precedence and priority seems to have faded. Time seems to have eroded the confidence that knowledge brings.

I choose to believe that everyone i connected with in TSO knows that they were important to me and that although i have one favorite person, one favorite family - i also have my favorite community.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Adventures in Metal Sculpting

Wednesday will be day three - and thus far i have yet to experience any true sense of dread. Perhaps it is yet to come. Theoretically - a course in metal sculpting should not be that far out of my realm of comfort considering where my past activities have led me. I should feel confident what with welding and aircraft maintenance courses not that many years behind me....