Sunday, June 22, 2008

Age of Conan - Wayfarer

I currently have a level 43 HoX and a 35ish Dark Templer in the world of Hyboria inside Age of Conan. Unlike Vanguard, LOTR and EQ2 - I am striving hard to not appear lost in game all the time. Luckily AoC has succeeded in being less complex than some of those "other" locales. To make things even easier, AoC Wayfarer has made its way into the world.

Unlike past map installations for EQ2 and Vanguard etc, this one installs so simply its hard to remember it is there. In fact i had to load aoc on another computer, take a look at my map in game and then return to the first PC to verify that I had done anything. The one downside for me though is that the auto launch feature after update does not work for me at this time. Instead i still launch Conan manually from the desktop.

With luck, this will be the tool that helps me raise my harvesting skills to a level where i can start donating the resources needed to complete our tier two Guild City.

Inspiration & emulations

Still on my path of introspective wanderings.. searching for more active online pursuits than awaiting my Scramble turn on Facebook... I came across the website of a Canadian band called Arcade Fire. Not only a well laid out and interactive website - but home of a rather awesome interactive music Video. Simple pleasures for simple minds. I am Amused.

Watch and Play with the music video for Neon Bible. Song is pretty decent too.

Release your inner Picasso and create your own Mr.Potato Head'ish creation at Mr.Picassohead.

Trippiness, Cuteness and other Oddities

The following diversions are predominantly denizens of this funky site called

Plug in your microphone and prepare to be dazzled and bemused. Bounce is a fun diversion with limitless possibilities. Blow, whistle or sing to control the bouncing balls. Blast the stereo to really make them bounce. I sat at my piano keyboard and practiced playing "Beauty and the Beast", then went random and made a game of it by aiming to get the largest silver ball across the screen to the far right then back to the far left while banging away random notes. A perfect diversion for a totally random day.

Dig out your old 3D glasses and head on over to anaglyph Draw in 3D. this is rather fun even without having torn apart the house looking for old paper 3D glasses or hunting down any that might have made it home from IMAX. Rotate the page, scroll up or down, draw in all three planes. is an interactive website created by designer Paul Neave.

Surf on over to Neaves' out of context television application and prepare to be bewildered. Giant mutated killer spiders and talking canines o'my.

This next link, Imagination, feels inspiring, most especially after having watched video for the Italian art installation, "The Cloud" so recently.

The Cloud - from mitmobileexperiencelab on Vimeo.

Exercise your imagination and become part of a fiber optic light show of your own making.

Make a wish on a dandelion.

Create a retro kaleidescope here and fiddle with a newer version here.

M.A.S.H. brings back memories of early childhood, my sister and her friends used to play it back when I was in grade two or three. Some days, when i was lucky she would draw out an extra layout on the corner of a lined page from her workbook and let me have a try at predicting her future.
Play Mash here.

Loss and diversions

Today, two close friends of ours lost their dog to the tragedy of time. As he was a stray when they first brought him into their family, his exact age has been undefined, but it was up there in the 15-17 yr range. Even 15 years is a lot of lifetime to have lived. It is with great sadness that they had to say goodbye to him today...

This leads me to the reasoning behind my sudden urge to resume updates of this blog. I was wandering less than aimlessly today, seeking out mild diversions and oddities that might divert my friends away from their great sadness and give them a moment of quiet or laughter or something of a mixture in between. Todays randomness is brought to you by our furry friends... those creatures great and small who make our worlds go round and whom have the power to make the world freeze in place at the moment of their loss.

Surfing the internet, riding the waves in search of new amusements... the following are some of the coolest links I have come across recently. is an interesting and dynamic, interactive music tool. Beautiful and simple graphics allow you to experience listening to online radio differently. A free flowing and easily accessible interface allows for a truly interactive experience. We used to spend a lot more time listening to music. allowing it to be a destination rather than an addition to the background noise of other activity. Part of my free time of these two weeks has been invested in recreating a listening space again. Rearranging craft boxes and art supplies is now a priority.

And now for something completely different! Eddie Izzard is an actor who flew under my radar until recently. I only recognize him through the newish television drama "the Riches", where he portrays a "traveler" or conman impersonating a lawyer. Eddie Izzards voice sounds a lot like a Monty Python character, which of course is a great generalization... but his voice over for the death star clip posted previously had me momentarily confused as to whom the narrator was. Funny enough, his website does not make mention of the sole reason I am aware of Izzards' existence. The Riches is an okay show. Not a great show. I can understand why it is not on his (predominantly British) Biography. Especially true since he is also a co writer of the series. I try to watch new episodes still... but the operative word is "try". I "try not to watch any television that takes an effort to sit down and push play on the Tivo remote. My braincells deserve better. Which takes me further down the brainstorming chain of random where is she leading with this-ness...

Follow that weakened chain of thought - Imagine yourself as a Lego character! A few of my posts from earlier included personalized Lego Characters used as Business cards. Reasonably Clever allows for you to play around with that idea and create your own mini!

Anticipating Wall E

There is something inherently appealing about the upcoming movie WallE and I can't hardly wait.

Random amusements for today