Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Quirks - Tagged by Kelline ( Five Years and one day Later)

Chains are silly, but sometimes we need silly. Five years and 1 day ago I reponded to something amazing that my sister-by-choice, Kelli posted online. Today ( five years and 1 day later i stumbled across it again and yes, again - i need some silly.


1. I bite my nails to the quick   I sometimes have long, unbitten nails

2. I am an amazing animal trainer and wish I could make a career of it. Animals around me grow up to be so unique and amazing it is phenomenal. I can't wait to get our dog in the next year or two :)  I cant wait to get our second dog soon. We have an amazing Golden Retriever and have been looking for our second amazing dog as the first one is too perfect to not get a buddy for.

3. I have a Nankie ( I still sleep with the blanket folded up under my pillow. It was my superhero shield through childhood and I have never grown up enough to not want that extra level of security). I have many lovely blankets but its still one of my favourites.

4. Troll Dolls LED's, Glowsticks, electronics that blink. I love contrast and bright lights in the dark.

5. I break stuff to make stuff. I love to reverse engineer, dissect electronics, toys and robotics and then mash parts together from several items and see what i can come up with. I have numerous Furby exoskeletons laying around.

6. I LOVE Canada. I also love living in California and I  adore being in the center of Silicon valley and being surrounded by technology and ideas. I am very happy to be living in the United States and am excstatic that this will soon be my permanent home.

7. I am a geek. I play and design video games. I translate information as a hobby. When someone seeks information I find it. I am always learning everything i can about everything i can. I am informed.

8. I get bored easily. To alleviate this i do half a dozen things at a time in steady rotation. I have hundreds of a hundred  hobbies - maybe i will count them in another post.....

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